How to Diy Luxury Shower Curtains

chanel shower curtain

Hanging a chanel shower curtain is just a basic essential to your shower or bath but having a designed shower curtain adds a whole new look to your bathroom. 

I moved into my new apartment since end of last year but I intentionally refused to hang any kind of shower curtain in my bathroom because I didn’t want any basic stuff hanging there. I wanted something more outstanding and catching to the eyes, something that can add glamour and at the same time contrast with the white tiled walls.


So I decided to indulge myself in a DIY! Which is one of my major hobbies I like doing with my spare time apart from chilling in my bed and Netflix.

Are you desiring to change the look of your bathroom? Then in few I’m going to explain to a you how to design your shower curtain.


chanel shower curtain and rug set

chanel shower curtain and rug set